BRC packaging certification! Supercap achieves the highest possible certification level!

BRC certification is the best assurance on a global level to ensure maximum hygiene and safety in the beverage sector.

In our previous article we talked about the quality materials used at Supercap. Today we would like to share our amazing achievement demonstrating our ultimate attention to detail.

Our production system / cork factory has obtained the prestigious AA score (highest level possible during this sixth & last revision), for packaging sector BRC certification.

For the third consecutive year, we were able to achieve the highest level of certification possible – naturally we are proud of this and can put our customers at ease with our factory’s systematic approach.

Why is BRC important to you, and what value does it add to distilleries around the globe?

BRC certification refers to Brand Reputation through Compliance, a food quality standard required by all suppliers who target international large-scale market distribution.

The certification (based on HACCP), was designed to define and enforce the operational criteria for packaging material manufacturers to ensure total packaging reliability and safety, in order to protect the end consumer.

Worldwide, this standard has reached such influence that it has spread into the food & beverage markets to affect every level of the production chain, and it has changed its name to BRC Global Standard.

“BRCGS’ Standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. Certification to BRCGS ‘Standards is now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers, manufacturers and food service organizations. “

This strict international guideline in the food sector covers specific paramaters for ultimate quality and saftey in packaging, but also allows all parties in the supply chain to select, qualify and monitor their suppliers.

Other critical value-added points:

  • Assures maximum corporate transparency (certification is voluntary, not mandatory)
  • Activates a transparent management system to control all quality, safety and legal constraints
  • Communicates commitment to provide the customer with a certified product – safe & guaranteed
  • Increases the international recognition of food safety
  • Reduces waste and recalls – aims to lower costs
  • Control tool to monitore critical factors

Just so you are assured, the BRCGS standards are recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), the most authoritative interest group of agri-food companies.

What are the performance score levels?

The BRC uses a simple evaluation system with 5 degrees of conformity – AA, A, B, C and D depending on the number of major and minor non-conformities detected.

BRC or ISO 9001 certification?

Most companies simply obtain the ISO 9001, a general and non-specific certification.  By contrast, BRC is very specific, more user-friendly, and covers many more elements.  More and more companies are choosing the BRC certification over ISO.

Thanks to our R&D department being fully engaged with our production and lab team, we can assure we are producing the highest quality products while fully respecting food safety standards.

In the specific sector for production of bartop closures, Supercap is the only company globally to have the entire production process BRC certified.

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