Packaging design for room fragrances

In the world of packaging, the aesthetic design is very important, for this reason this sector deserves a meticulous and increasing attention to details.

Namely, in the refined and sophisticated world of packaging design for room fragrances, the link between functionality and aesthetic is almost symbiotic: its purpose is not only to guarantee the absolute safety of the item and its precious content, but even to create a packaging which perfect suits with the product, to exalt its sensorial characteristics and olfactive notes.


Far beyond the idea of a simple covering, but the celebration of a reliable packaging that catches the eye and attractive scents that awaken our memory.


DANHERA is an Italian renowned company specialized in room fragrances production which, for its Legendary products, minimal and classic, takes us into the mysterious and fascinating world of art and mythology.


To do this, DANHERA chooses Supercap Decanter closures, which seal the product while protecting its heady and pervasive fragrances, given by the perfect combination of rare and precious scents, without forgetting the elegance that makes this brand inimitable.

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