Supercap closures: choose the safety of co-injected caps

Supercap closures ensure 100% food safety because they are made with extraordinarily innovative materials and technologies, capable of protecting and safeguarding the quality of the products inside the bottle.

It is precisely to ensure hygiene and maximum safety towards the final product, that every day we focus on studying the most innovative systems to provide you with a high quality closure, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but especially for its functional aspects.

Supercap closures: why choose the co-injected ones?

Over the years we have been the first in our field to create new materials and new technologies by investing heavily in Research and Development, a department that we consider fundamental and vital to our company.

Because of that, we can now think about the development of new cutting-edge technologies, creating safe and compliant Supercap closures, thanks to a BRC Packaging certified production system.

“Designing closures able to adapt to the customer’s vision and needs has always been the foundation of our work […] with passion, creativity and research, we created innovative and high-quality products: we were the first to introduce co – injected closures on the market which completely eliminated the use of adhesives, allowing us to create a closure capable of respecting every aspect of the bottled product.”

Mirco Bannini

Supercap co-injected caps: what are the advantages?

The main benefit of co-injected closures lies in its structure because it stays:

  • Intact
  • Solid
  • Durable

Three features that prevent the separation of the components when uncorking, ensuring safety of the product inside the bottle.

What materials can the co-injection system be applied to?

Co-injected Supercap caps can be made with:

Needless to say, always in total respect of the product’s features.

All Supercap closures, on the one hand are characterized by durability and resistance (as we said a little while ago) and on the other hand allow to create a much safer closure than the traditional T-cap with cork shank or traditional cork microgranule, in fact, all our closures are safe and do not cause liquid coloring phenomena, no scent alteration, keeping unchanged all the organoleptic properties of the product inside the bottle!

What types of T-Caps can the co-injection mechanism be applied to?

Co-injection can be applied on different types of T-Caps:

  • T – Plastic
  • T – Wood
  • T – Metal

Each co-injected product made by Supercap is 100% safe both for its structure and for the materials used.

Do you want to know more about Supercap co-injection?

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