Supercap, the team and its shared workflow.

What’s behind the production of a bottle cap? Let’s find out together!

Our “Team Experience” starts and evolves with a project that leads to the manufacture of the best product for each individual customer.

Producing a cap for a bottle is, for us, an experience that involves many different professionals, both in-house and outside the company.

From our salespeople’s very first contact with the customer, a process is set in motion that begins with an analysis of the specific requirements, through planning, the choice of design and materials, and ends with the delivery of the product to the end customer.

That is why at Supercap we refer to “experience”.

For us, producing a cap is a shared process that sees our experts and the customer working as a team every step of the way.

That’s why we think it’s important to create a relationship with each lead, which goes beyond just being a supplier.

We consider customer care to be just as important as the research and development of new materials and products.

A cap is anything but a simple and trivial object; actually, it involves extremely complex and detailed know-how.

Its technical characteristics and specifications, from wine stoppersto those for spirits, and dispensers for oils and vinegars, vary according to their context of application.

Preserving the qualities of the contents over time and ensuring that they remain unchanged is only possible if every member of the team developing it really works together.

It’s very important to translate the customer’s needs in the correct way and make the cap efficiently. Starting from the choice of the ideal materials to the timely delivery of the finished product.

Only in this way is it possible to give each customer and each bottle the cap that will enhance and protect the contents.

A continuous work that leads us to achieve new goals and new successes.

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