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Quality comes from research. We overcome every challenge related to environmental problems, energy consumption and customer needs with research and technological innovation.

This is why at SUPERCAP we are very attentive and always searching for new, innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Design and materials are always our top priority in trying to develop, every day, the perfect closure for your needs.

Supercap Nature® is the original cork micro granule made without the use of glues, it is a particular and innovative blend of materials selected by our Research and Development department.

Its appearance and touch feel reminds the features of natural cork, but thanks to the total absence of glues, this product is safe and inert in all its possible applications.

It has limited oxygen permeability and preserves the aromas and fragrances of the product inside the bottle. It does not cause TCA phenomena (“cork scent”), does not crumble during uncorking and does not release substances that cause liquid coloring in white and brown spirits.

“We compared our SUPERCAP NATURE® and a common cork micro granule stopper by immersing them in an alcoholic solution at 40° VOL and water. After 30 days we immediately noticed a clear coloration of the liquid in the samples in which the competitor’s micro granule was immersed. “ – Watch the video – Laboratory tests have shown that it is resistant to mold and parasites, has good springback and excellent dimensional stability.

SUPERCAP NATURE®, like all of our products, is made within a BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR PACKAGING & PACKAGING MATERIALS certified production system, among the most advanced and controlled in the world concerning rules of hygiene and safety.

SUPERCAP NATURE® represents the evolution of traditional micro granule closures and is available both for wine closures and closures for spirits.

improvement is our aim in the creation of all our technologies, our creativity is expressed thanks to the continuous research to find the best closure that will be able to give value to your and our work.

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