Food Quality and Safety Policy

In compliance with the growing needs of the market in terms of quality, Supercap has decided to operate with a management system for quality and food safety as a tool for improving the performance rendered to customers and for the optimization of the whole company management. The main objective is to increase competitiveness in the market, through a reduction in operating costs and the continuous improvement of processes until the final delivery of the product.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Management is committed to the implementation of a management system for quality and food safety in compliance with BRCGS Packaging and packaging materials current revision standard as a privileged tool, whose enforcement is meant to:


  • maintain and improve the management system for quality and food safety certified by an accredited third-party;
  • constantly monitor the organization through review activities, to improve performance and ensure the achievement of set objectives;
  • produce safe products through continuous monitoring of material procurement and production activities, ensuring traceability systems that allow maximum responsibility towards our customers;
  • take action to develop and promote innovative products in compliance with international regulations and high internal standards;
  • improve profitability and increase the ratio between profit and turnover, with the support of data obtained from the management system for quality and food safety implementation;
  • engage in satisfying the needs of customers, in full compliance with the reference standards, to provide the customers with concrete evidence of the quality of our company and our products.
  • improve the ability to identify and meet the expressed or implied needs of the customer through the refinement of our ability to “listen to the customer thanks to the opinion of the end user”;
  • promote the continuous training of the staff to build an effective work system among the various functions, to acheive maximum satisfaction, awareness and professional growth within the Company;
  • consider the health and safety of workers as a priority, in compliance with the mandatory legislation on occupational safety, and ensure a continuous improvement of the working conditions of its employees;
  • carry out a periodic review of the risk analysis to identify and mitigate the dangers related to the performance of all company activities, training all Supercap workers on the risks associated with their work;
  • prevent and monitor accidents in the workplace together with diseases related to the professional activity, with periodic medical visits to assess the suitability of workers to carry out their duties;
  • ensure that each employee and collaborator operates in honesty, impartiality and integrity according to the company values, and not to obtain personal benefits;
  • choose trading partners with transparency and responsibility, fighting against all forms of injustice and slavery, child labour and trafficking in human beings, while respecting the international communities in which we operate;
  • oppose and denounce any form of corruption, such as money or gifts offered to influence the choices of its employees, customers and public officials; donations to political parties are not admitted as well;
  • develop ESG program and initiatives promoted by Crealis Group.


Quality and Food Safety Policy will be the main communication vehicle both within Supercap company and outside. The document will also attest the guarantees of reliability that our company can offer to customers.

Since 2006, the year of introduction of the quality system in Supercap, we consider this management method as an objective towards an efficient work system, aimed at satisfying the requirements and the continuous improvement.

For this reason, all Supercap staff is aware of this Policy, and adequate resources are allocated to the implementation of the objectives contained and related to it.

Mombaroccio, 01/02/2023

The General Management
Mirco Bannini


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