Shared Moments

There will always be gazes, smiles and special moments to share. We hope to freely savor these emotions soon, always together!

Always close to your needs

Distance is not a limit. For Supercap, what matters are affinities, ideas and projects. This is the philosophy of our everyday work to find the best solutions suited to the needs of each of our customers, in every corner of the world.

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day! A smile, a word, a hug, a drink with friends. What's better than a friend to smile at life? Far or near, even without words, a friend is always a pillar of our life. Today we want to share this day with you, watch the video and celebrate with us the international day dedicated to friendship!

International Family Day

Many small daily gestures allow us to give life to something great. As a family we develop ideas every day with love and passion. For us. With you.

In love with Supercap​

With Supercap, love has also a completely different flavor. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone in love!​

A Magic Christmas by Supercap

Smiles and sincere looks are the key details to spend a magical Christmas in Supercap style.


High quality products should always be present for the most important moments of our life.

For this we are more than simply closures.

Supercap studies solutions that protect and preserve the product inside the bottle, to allow you to experience your unique moments.


We put maximum effort and attention into tailoring the closure design that best suits your needs, with packaging that stands out with refined design and high quality raw materials.

Certified production

We take care of the final product and the use that the consumer will use it for.

Supercap production system is BRCGS (Global standard for packaging & packaging materials) certified.


In 2017 Supercap has installed photovoltaic panels on the entire rooftop surface of our its Italian facilities, getting closer and closer to a fully sustainable philosophy.

Furthermore, all the water used during the production cycle is recycled through a water-recirculation system, and all of the scrap material accumulated throughout the production process is similarly recycled.

Supercap recovers 100% of the materials used during the production of our closures, reusing these materials either in our own processes or converting them into other industrial products.

Supercap is so dedicated to the environment that we invested our resources into the creation of a new green, safe and compliant material.

Supercap ECO® uses a BlObased technology which features renewable polymers derived from sugar cane.

The extraction process of this Green Polyethylene has zero environmental impact, significantly reducing the emission of CO2 produced by the traditional plastic derived from hard coal. Supercap ECO® is The First T- Cap Zero Carbon Footprint.

Our research, carried out in collaboration also with university institutions, has allowed us to test and create Supercap Nature® the original microgranule made without the use of glues that represents the combination of tradition and innovation, a single, safe design material.

Nature prevents the development of TCA, does not crumble during uncorking and does not cause discoloration of the liquid.


SUPERCAP s.r.l. Soc. a Socio Unico
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