Evolution passes through the courage of passionate minds.

Supercap was born in 1999 from the intuition of Mirco Bannini, current CEO, who has always been a lover of  the wine world.

From this reason the idea of creating a company comes to life, which thanks to the creativity of its research and development department, would produce quality closures capable of preserving and protecting all the organoleptic properties of each product, whether it is distillate spirit, oil , vinegar or wine.

We have always been oriented towards research and experimentation with unconventional materials and solutions.

Over the years we have been the first to create innovative products, such as wooden head co-injected closures, the authentic micro-granule without glues Supercap NATURE® and ecological cutting-edge products such as Supercap E | C | O®.

Always working at close contact with our customers, listening to their needs and individual problems, we try every day to create “The Best Closure” for each individual producer, from small artisan businesses to large sector brands known all over the world.

Ideas, innovation, willingness to listen and strong problem solving skills are the main characteristics of our daily work, without ever losing sight of the technical skills that lead us to face new and interesting challenges every day.

Unique in our field, we are certified BRCGS – Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials, among the most advanced and controlled in the world for compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Since 1999, our goal has always been to protect and enhance your work.



Research is an integral part of our company’s DNA.

Every idea, every request, every new opportunity is carefully analyzed, developed and tested so that it can prove effective to the customer’s needs, whether these are functional or aesthetic.

This is why we have an entire working group that deals with finding and developing new solutions that make closures increasingly reliable and sustainable.

Yes, because it is important to us that our products have the least possible impact on the environment.


Looking for ideas and solutions implies at the same time a dynamic and flexible team able to apply their technical skills to different areas.

Innovation often leads to the creation of customized production systems in order to obtain the “perfection” that we seek for our product.

Materials and ad hoc processes are combined to obtain the technically perfect product, which will be able to maintain all its features over time.


Here, everything takes shape. The projects come to life to become a perfect closure as we have designed it. Thanks to specially made machinery and the skills of each individual worker, we are able to mass-produce the ideal solution that will give value and protection to your great product.

This way since 1999, mindful, innovative and extremely reliable.


Attentive and prepared, our sales department is the beating heart that brings every request, trend and need of every customer to the company.

Dynamic in negotiations, skilled in offering an excellent customer care service, our salespeople are able to trigger that virtuous circle that brings new and solid opportunities to the company, then transforming those into lasting projects up to the customer’s expectations.


Putting together all the pieces of each department, from finding materials to  managing contacts with suppliers and customers. A delicate work done by dedicated professionals, attentive to developing and optimizing every small and big movement of the company. A continuous and punctual coordination to ensure that the whole mechanism works every day.


Developing ideas and strategies, capturing market trends from the sales team, predicting them, combining them with the latest news from  the R&D department, and then finding the right language to communicate the quality of Supercap products in a clear, simple and consistent way.

That’s the daily work of our marketing department.


SUPERCAP s.r.l. Soc. a Socio Unico
Via Cairo, 83
Mombaroccio (PU) CAP 61024, Italy

C.F. e P.Iva 01492440415
Cap. Soc. Euro: 86.700,00 i.v.


tel. +39.0721.470507
fax +39.0721.471243


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