What we do

Supercap has been designing and manufacturing closures since 1999. The Mission has always been the same, to place the client’s requirements center-stage and to design closures to match the client’s vision.

This resulted in constructive partnerships where attention to detail is paramount when it comes to both the end product and its functional role within the client’s packaging design.
We were the first to introduce to the market, the co-injected T-Cap closures, which eliminated the use of glues altogether.

We were also the first to introduce the sanitized cork micro-granules blend of natural cork and high-performance polymers where no glue is used in the mix.Ciò ci ha permesso di dare origine alla linea Nature, caratterizzata da chiusure innovative e funzionali, perché realizzate con mezzi altamente tecnologici nel pieno rispetto della tradizione delle chiusure per vino.

Supercap is BRCGS (Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials) certified. This is the best guarantee the world has to offer when it comes to sanitary and safety issues.Thanks to our R&D internal department, we are constantly updating our production systems and creating new aesthetic designs to meet any technologically advanced requirements in a very competitive market.


Trying to minimize the einvironmental impact in order to protect the einvironment has allowed us to evolve and improve all our business.

Our planet's resources aren't infinite.
Taking care of them means respecting something that belongs to all of us and to future generations.
It is for this very reason that Supercap has adopted recirculation systems for water used during production processes, also engages in the recovery of waste materials by reintegrating them into its own production or in by-products derived from it.


Food safety

For Supercap it is important that the customer has the certainty of having turned to a concrete reality capable of providing safe and quality products.

The BRCGS Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard, specific for the beverage field and controlled in the world, allow us to constantly improve performance and optimize the internal company organization.

Job Security

Perform periodic reviews of the risk analysis in order to identify and mitigate the dangers associated with carrying out all internal activities and train its employees on the risks associated with their work, these are fundamental aspects of Supercap's corporate ethics.


Trasparency and responsability in all commercial activities are among the company must-haves.
The Anti-Corruption Policy defines the principles and rules that all people inside and outside Supercap Srl must follow to ensure compliance with the laws and the culture of integrity, in accordance with the principle of "zero tolerance" against corruption.


SUPERCAP s.r.l. Soc. a Socio Unico
Via Cairo, 83
Mombaroccio (PU) CAP 61024, Italy

C.F. e P.Iva 01492440415
Cap. Soc. Euro: 86.700,00 i.v.


tel. +39.0721.470507
fax +39.0721.471243


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