Wood varieties

Wood has always been a unique material that evokes life and strength in each grain, giving the product packaging a design that is both refined and classic.

Beech, hornbeam, oak: each wood varieties has its own characteristics and features that make it unique and immediately recognizable, even without the need to resort to specific paintings, shortening the production process and reducing its impact on the ecosystem and the environment. 

For this reason, Supercap has always dedicated a specific line to this versatile and refined raw material, which guarantees efficiency in product safety combined with an elegant and with a minimal flavour, made unique by the grain of the wood and its enveloping colours. 

The celebration of an essential material to be rediscovered, that with its originality and simplicity, has been combining for centuries infallible quality and respect for the environment. 

The enhancement of a craft essence that makes us feel at home. 

Roots is a Greek distillery whose packaging enhances the choice and use of natural materials, to give the product and the whole bottle a simple but distinctive design. 

Roots bottles are also a guarantee of excellence thanks to Supercap closures, in particular with the T-Wood beechwood line without varnishing, customised with laser on the top, in a perfect balance between originality and elegance.

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