Agave-based distilled spirits

When it comes to distilled spirits, respect for tradition and innovation reinvent themselves and come together in an inimitable union, giving life to a vast world ready to be discovered.

In recent years, agave-based distilled spirits have conquered the market and consumers, in particular Tequila and Mezcal, becoming very popular and appreciated.

Originating in Mexico and derived from agave, their aromatic and persistent flavor make these products unique and unmistakable from the very first taste, also lending themselves to curious combinations.

Cutwater is an American company located in California producing, among many different products, Mezcal distilled in Mexico entirely from the fermentation of agave, by roasting it in traditional volcanic rock pit ovens and open fermented, to accurately follow the original recipe.

Mezcal Cutwater bottles are sealed with Supercap T-Wood closures, customized with laser on top, to best protect the mezcal’s long history and distinct identity, to be discovered sip by sip.

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