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Supercap - Gin Franco - Packaging Design

Annima Spirits’ Gin Franco was born from the friendship and the passion of its three founders. This gin is produced with the cold infusion technique of botanicals, in which woody scents given by the barks are combined with chinotto and elderflower. For Gin Franco bottles, Annima Spirits chooses Supercap T-Wood closures with Nature® shank and laser customization on top, the best choice for safety, efficiency and craft style!

Supercap - Gin Franco - Packaging Design

Annima Spirits’ Gin Franco was born from the friendship and the passion of its three founders. This gin is produced with the cold infusion technique of botanicals, in which woody scents given by the barks are combined with chinotto and elderflower. For Gin Franco bottles, Annima Spirits chooses Supercap T-Wood closures with Nature® shank and laser customization on top, the best choice for safety, efficiency and craft style!

Supercap - Cutwater - Packaging Design

Cutwater is a Californian company producing also Mezcal, distilled in Mexico entirely from the fermentation of agave, by roasting it in traditional volcanic rock pit ovens and open fermented to accurately follow the original recipe. Mezcal Cutwater bottles are sealed with Supercap T-Wood closures, customized with laser on top, to best protect the mezcal’s long history and distinct identity, to be discovered sip by sip.

Supercap - ROOTS - Packaging Design

Roots, a Greek distillery, seals its bottles with Supercap T-Wood beechwood line, a unique closure and customised with a laser on the top. The winning balance between versatility and elegance, made unique by the stylish charm of wood.

Supercap - DANHERA - Custom Design

DANHERA è un’azienda italiana produttrice di profumatori per ambiente di alta qualità, che con le sue linee suntuose e classiche ci porta nell’affasciante mondo della mitologia e dell’arte. Per farlo, DANHERA sceglie le chiusure Supercap della linea Decanter, progettate per un packaging di design e sicurezza, che sigilli il prodotto e ne custodisca gelosamente la fragranza inebriante ed avvolgente, prezioso risultato di ricercatezza ed eleganza.

Supercap - Ambrosia Gin - Custom Design

Ambrosia Gin è un marchio italiano determinato a diventare la prima azienda Carbon Negative d’Italia produttrice di Gin, azzerando cioè l’impronta carbonica della sua produzione nell’ecosistema. Per le sue bottiglie raffinate e ricercate, Ambrosia Gin sceglie le chiusure Screw Wood di Supercap con laser sul top, realizzate con materie prime di qualità: garanzia di eleganza senza tempo, sicurezza e rispetto per il pianeta, in una sinergia tutta italiana.

Supercap - Acetaia Giusti - Custom Design

A bottle of Balsamic Vinegar from Acetaia Giusti is a true harmony of tradition and care for the product, realized only with carefully selected musts and vinegars from organic and sustainable farming, slow cocking, long aging in wooden barrels and Supercap Pourer, chosen for its infallibility in protecting the product for a long time, without altering the qualities that makes it unique.

Supercap - Viña Vieja - Packaging Design

When talking about wine closures, it is essential to be able to convey all values hidden behind the tradition and innovation of a winery, just like that of Vina Vieja, which we have known thanks to our partnership with PackPlus Perù. In the world of wine it is not just a matter of creating a well-made packaging, with an elegant and distinct label, but to reach high levels also requires a closure that allow the product to excel over time. In order to preserve and convey all the properties of their grapes and to narrate in the best possible way their prestige, this modern Peruvian winery has chosen the quality and safety of Supercap Nature and Supercap Classic wine closures.

Supercap - Gin Koskue - Packaging Design

An essential and characterful packaging for this Finnish Gin, the result of creativity, intelligence and capable of transmitting all the scents and aromas of its territory. We therefore had to maintain linearity with these features and together with Packaging Design Alliance we have created a closure where the laser engraving on the wooden top silently distinguishes the product, giving to the whole packaging harmony, originality and elegance, just like the product contained inside

Supercap - The Barmaster GIN - Packaging Design

For each kind of bottle its closure, we don't always think small in Supercap! For the 3L packaging of this product, in collaboration with Bonaventura Maschio Distillery, we created a fully customized wooden closure, which features a glossy black varnish with white pad-printing logo that fits perfectly with the label design. THE BARMASTER GIN is produced from a skillful blend of carefully selected botanicals, favoring Italian varieties. Juniper, coriander and a fresh citrus finish, these are the aromas that characterize a made in Italy product.

Supercap - Holla Spirits - Packaging Design

Sustainability, ideas, technology, gave birth to Supercap E|C|O®, a green material that allowed us to create the first closure in the world with a significantly reduced environmental impact, with values close to zero. This is why so many of our customers choose Supercap E|C|O® closures, because they combine the advantages of an innovative design, made with quality raw materials, with a real and certifiable environmental advantage, directly proportional to the number of closures produced.

Supercap - Vecchia Romagna - Riserva Anniversario Packaging Design

Vecchia Romagna, brand recognized all over the world, celebrates an important milestone with the launch of a new highly exclusive product. This project represents that studying each part of the packaging in detail is truly essential, so that they represent the craftsmanship and value of the product inside the bottle. It requires great teamwork to make this process successful, the result of a set of skills including knowledge, technique, method, passion and creativity. Thanks to that we were able to study precisely how to integrate the quality and innovation of Supercap Nature®, creating a unique closure that could protect and preserve 200 years of history.

Supercap - Campari - Packaging Design

The quality of the material of a closure is important to preserve the exclusivity of a product and all its properties as well as the study of its design, so that aesthetics and functionality are combined to reach a shared goal, that of giving added value to the product inside the bottle and create a product experience that is the result of a brand narrative. For this packaging, after a first brief with the customer, we combined the quality and innovation of Supercap Nature® with the exclusive materials of the aluminum top with shiny finish, which could enhance the uniqueness and exclusivity of this great brand’s product.

Supercap - Finist Vodka - Packaging Design

A refined vodka made with a special technology capable of giving the product a unique and natural taste. A refined glass packaging and label with golden textures, they could only push us towards a T-Plast closure with a unique bright finish, made with the innovative green polymer Supercap E | C | O®.

Supercap - Crystal Head Vodka - Packaging Design

A special bottle, a glass sculpture that contains a spirit that is unique in quality and flavor. An important challenge, to create a closure that integrates well with the design of an already unique product. Materials such as satin aluminum, customized with a debossed logo, fit perfectly and add value to a packaging of great visual impact.

Supercap - Bently Heritage Source One Vodka - Packaging Design

An original and modern design bottle, it was therefore very important to be able to preserve and gracefully enhance its taste that makes this fantastic product so unique. Together with our partner NimbleJack Partners, LLC, we created a T-Wood closure with laser logo on the side and Supercap Nature®️ shank, both high-quality and beautiful materials, which blend perfectly with the rest of the packaging.

Supercap - Ageras - Packaging Design

Exclusive products, with a particular, refined and sophisticated design, require a packaging that is up to the task, both functional and aesthetic, to give that added value that always makes the difference.

Supercap - Azienda Agraria Guerrieri - Packaging Design

A company that has made passion for its products a daily choice. This is shown not only in the quality and aromas of the wine, but also in the attention and care with which every single bottle is conceived. A close collaboration with our experts to obtain a perfect product over time both to the nose and the palate.

Supercap - Zedda Piras - Packaging Design

Mirto Zedda Piras, centuries-old tradition and careful selection of wild Sardinian myrtle berries. For this packaging we designed a closure with essential shapes and bright shades to enhance all its characteristics. A warm and vivid red like the Sardinian sun.

Supercap - Cartavio - Packaging Design

With our in-house design studio we are able to develop solutions for customized closures with a strong visual impact to the end user so you may differentiate your brand from the others in a crowed marketplace. Consumers purchase a bottle based on emotional responses they get from the package / closure. Let us help you to bring out the best with your logo and images.

Supercap - Gold of Mauritius - Packaging Design

The perfect combination between bottle and its contents, is never simple and straightforward. In the complexity of a closure, lies the style and preservation of a product. Uncorking does not simply mean "removing the cap" …


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