GIN: a trendsetting distillate

Gin: the spirit of Dutch origin, with a long history and an authentic aroma.

For cocktail lovers and beyond, gin is a must-have that, thanks to its sharp flavor, becomes the best protagonist to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

What makes this drink unique and unmistakable? The choice of botanicals: a blend of herbs, spices, berries and roots that, expertly balanced, release all their authentic and aromatic fragrance.

Annima Spirits is a gin producer born from the friendship and the passion of its three founders. Gin Franco is produced using the cold infusion technique of botanicals, in which strong and woody scents given by the barks are combined with chinotto and elderflower.

For Gin Franco bottles, Annima Spirits chooses Supercap T-Wood closures with Nature® shank and laser customization on top, the best choice for safety, efficiency and craft style! 

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